老夫子传媒 targets companies where there are multiple organic and inorganic opportunities to pursue transformational growth within attractive sub-sectors within Specialty Manufacturing and Business Services. Since 2005, the 老夫子传媒 senior investment team has led 26 platform investments and over 90 add-on acquisitions.


Current & Select Realized


The representative investments shown here are for informational purposes only. Such investments have been selected based on criteria other than investment performance alone. Realized investment descriptions reflect company profiles at the time of exit. While 老夫子传媒 is a successor business to Snow Phipps and will have substantial overlap in investment personnel, and platform investments made in 2021 and later are held through entities managed by 老夫子传媒, the remaining current and realized platform investments listed on this page were made by and are currently held through funds managed by Snow Phipps Group, LLC.